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Financing a Puppy

Get Your New Puppy Today! Pay Later with Financing!

Convenient payments are just a click away! We promise you a better puppy financing experience. Instead of paying all at once, pay for your puppy in comfortable installments. We offer convenient installments that are straight-forward, very affordable, and easy to understand.  

If you don't get approved call us for other puppy payment options! 312-532-6631 or 866-33PUPPY

Finance Your New Puppy TODAY!



Ready to reserve or take home a pet or product? Complete our application to create an account and be matched with financing. 


Get Matched

The FormPiper platform will work to match you with a program that matches your credit profile, needs, and state regulations. Review the offer from the lender carefully before accepting.



When it’s time to finalize the sale,  The lender will advise us when the process is complete and you can take home your new pet or pet product!

Financing Available

Financing is available for qualifying purchases if needed! It can be used on puppies, supplies, shipping, and more! We have the best pet financing options for you and your family to purchase your next puppy and/or supplies.

We realize that for some people, investing in a healthy, quality puppy is a bit hard financially and we hope this will help you make your puppy dreams come true. Some of our plans require zero or little money down!

View our options below to get instant approval! Call us to get a quote for the estimated monthly payment and other terms of the financing after completing the application.

A financing application must be filled out prior to placing a deposit on a puppy.


A financing application must be filled out prior to placing a deposit on a puppy!

We now accept all major credit cards!

* All sales are subject to 7% Sales Tax and an additional 4.5% fee when using a Credit/Debit card.*

 (Deposits are non-refundable) You have 2 DAYS to pick your puppy up. After 2 days we charge a boarding fee of $45 per day. remaining balance due at pickup.

Interested in Adopting a Puppy?

Fill out our application, and we will get back to you with more details on the adoption process, our contract, expectations, and health guarantee! 

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